Bid Success

Bid Success

On Monday, 26 July 2021 at 08:45

Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) Bid Success

We are pleased to announce we have been successful in obtaining further funding in this year’s CIF round for The Quinta Primary School in Congleton. The 2021/22 funding will allow for the internal renovation of the school including new fire doors, internal partitions and ceilings. This project will be the fifth successful CIF funding application with the school, with previous projects including a hall extension, new build nursery, kitchen refurbishment and a heating project. Once we have obtained bid funding for schools we then work closely with them to enable the projects to be completed successfully and within the budget. Our team of Architects are now preparing the designs ready to commence on site during the school summer holidays.

We are now working with schools preparing for the 2022/2023 CIF funding application round. We expect the next round of bids will focus on Health and Safety as high priority once more. We have had previous success with fire escape strategies, asbestos removal, heating, and ventilation. With the impact of Covid 19, there is likely to be a focus on outdoor spaces. If your school are looking to make improvements in any of these areas or would like to discuss other bid funding for school improvement, please get in touch.