Higher Lane

  • Project:Higher Lane
  • Size:4 Bedroom House
  • Location:Lymm, Cheshire East

Woodland Dwelling

We were approached by our client to explore the feasibility of constructing a contemporary dwelling in an existing woodland plot in Lymm.We had extensive consultations and discussions with the local planning authority and arboricultural officers which help set out the parameters to develop the final design. The design principle was to create a unique, contemporary dwelling which would act as a visual interpretation of the surrounding woodland and would blend in seamlessly with the surrounding vegetation. The building position and layout was carefully designed around the existing woodland to ensure the retention of the woodland and to provide a building that was subtle and complementary to its woodland location. The plan and form of the building has developed into an organic, segmented dwelling combined with lightweight glazing between. A cohesive design approach was followed to ensure that all elements from its curved shape and layout to its timber walls and brown roof have respected and complemented the house’s woodland setting.The proposed brown roof would be curved and not intrusive, providing for the vegetation which is in keeping with the woodland character and enhancing the site’s biodiversity. The elevated floor slab would generate an interesting form, promoting opportunities for enhanced biodiversity and the illusion of a floating timber framed building. The natural organic form that responds to the nature of the site follows the principles of biophilic design to create a building that has a more pleasant and comfortable environment for its occupants. The latest scheme achieved planning consent and the site is currently on the market and we are looking forward to seeing the approved design realised.