Noah's Ark

  • Project:Noah's Ark
  • Size:252 sqm
  • Location:Cheshire, East

Environmentally sustainable dwelling

The brief was to design an environmentally friendly, contemporary rural, unique and innovative house in Smallwood. The proposal is for a house capable of being constructed to Passiv haus standard and that can achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 whilst being a unique organic form using biophilic design principles. The design was developed with the site environment and nature as dictating factors. Built into the bank, it creates the impression of a single storey cottage at the front with a large two storey contemporary glazed south facing rear elevation. The elliptical shape was used as it is one of the most efficient forms and the twist in the plan around the spiral staircase allows the building to integrate with the topography at lower ground floor level whilst maximising the benefits of the southerly orientation at ground floor. It also allows for a balcony area integrated into the building from the ground floor living accommodation. The gridshell lattice roof creates a unique feature to the interior and allows for entirely open plan accommodation at ground floor level. The proposal includes solar PVT panels and solar PV shutters integrated into the building fabric along with the highly efficient and environmentally friendly construction, and will generate more electricity than it uses, demonstrating a truly sustainable form of housing.