• Project:Chester
  • Size:Over £2 million
  • Location:Chester, Cheshire West

In the 1990s, the government promoted the Living over the Shop (LOTS) initiative which allowed for the creation of over 60 apartments in the city through various projects and became an urban regeneration scheme.

Working in conjunction with Chester City Council, Housing Associations and private shop owners, we were able to complete private and affordable accommodation through the regeneration and conversion of redundant upper floor accommodation, including the restoration of listed buildings.

One dilapidated section of Chester comprising over a dozen buildings were restored. The apartments are now fully occupied and have helped to reduce the shortfall of housing that existed in Cheshire West and Chester.

Following the success of these schemes in Chester, similar projects have subsequently been completed elsewhere and assistance given to clients in obtaining funding from local authorities and other bodies such as English Heritage.  

Great pride has been taken and continues to be taken in restoring existing and listed buildings and converting them back to their former glory, allowing the retention and also replication of historical features and characters of the original building.  It is particularly rewarding to restore existing listed buildings and convert them back to former use whilst retaining the character of the building and being able to integrate modern construction alongside traditional construction techniques.