The Practice was founded in 1990 and originally worked primarily on conservation projects. We have since expanded and diversified to cover a wide range of sectors but continue to enjoy and take on the challenge of complex conservation projects.

We have a number of schemes that we completed in Chester, restoring and converting listed buildings and regenerating the historic Rows in the centre of Chester. We continued to work on Brook Street, Chester for over 10 years, progressing from one building to another until the street had been regenerated and transformed.

We have been involved in conservation projects nationally, with projects including the restoration of listed mills. We also have a wealth of experience working on listed buildings in the ecclesiastical sector restoring and maintaining Churches and Church halls.

We have recently been approved by the Diocese of Chester to complete Quinquennial surveys of their properties.

Our work in the conservation sector includes some of the following:

  • Condition surveys.
  • Listed Buildings.
  • Conservation design.
  • Conservation area consent.
  • Listed building consent.
  • Restoration.
  • Conversion.
  • Redevelopment.
  • Heritage design.